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Nighthacking @ javaBin lounge
– continuous speaker interviews all day long –

We are lucky to have the Nighthacking crew join us for JavaZone 2015.
They will be interviewing speakers at the javaBin lounge in every break between the talks.

Your host for the interviews will be Stephen Chin, the Lead Java Community Manager at Oracle. He will take you through interviews by both norwegian heros and international hotshots.

Come by to watch it live, or if you're not in the expo – check out the live stream at nighthacking.com

Wednesday 9th

10.00 JavaZone - Insider Secrets!

Espen Herseth Halvorsen

11.20 Norwegian Kids Initiatives

Simen Sommerfeldt

12.40 The Lisp in the Machine

Joe Nash

14.00 Microservices for Mortals

Bert Ertman

15.20 Sustainable Code

Christin Gorman

16.40 Production Time Profiling

Klara Ward

Thursday 10th

12.40 JVM Debugging Under the Hood

Martin Skarsaune

14.00 Clojure and Scala on the JVM

Alf Kristian Støyle

15.20 Java 8 DOs and DON'Ts

Fredrik Vraalsen

16.40 Developers, Start Thinking About Design!

Alexandra Leisse