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The community-driven conference for modern Java Developers.
Join us for 2 days of awesome learning in Oslo this September.

JavaZone is a conference for Java developers created by the Norwegian Java User Group: javaBin. The conference consists of almost 200 speakers and 7 parallel sessions over 2 days, plus an additional day of workshops beforehand (included in the cost of your ticket, but with limited seating). Join us, together with more than 2.500 fellow developers in September.

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Are you a speaker? You can find speaker related information over at the speakers info page.

First things first

The first thing you'll need is a ticket. Since we believe in simplicity, our tickets are also quite simple: the JavaZone ticket gives you full access to the whole conference – including the workshops (registrations on a first come, first served basis). If you are a member of javaBin, you even get a discount!

Get your ticket now
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So, you got your ticket?

Great! Your are now ready to attend JavaZone 2015. If you have been to JavaZone before – welcome back! If you have never attended JavaZone – read on to see what you will be experiencing. A ticket to JavaZone gives you the chance to see a lot of great talks, but there is of course a whole lot more to experience.
  • Workshops
    Are you a hands-on type of person? Take part in one of our many, great workshops – both during the conference and the day before. See the program
  • 2 Conference days
    2 days packed full of talks from both Norwegian and well known international speakers, in varying formats and categories. Something for everyone!
  • An awesome afterparty
    After a day full of learning, it feels good to relax a bit and have a few beers. Join us for great music and mingling as we transform the venue to a nice afterparty!
  • Food and drinks
    JavaZone is widely known for its great variety of foods. We take pride in serving food of great quality, and we promise you you won't go home hungry!
  • Good, good vibrations
    You will meet and talk to loads of interesting people at JavaZone – both old friends and new and interesting people. Mingle away!
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Putting the pieces together, one by one

Location, location, location..

As always, JavaZone takes place at Oslo Spektrum in the heart of Oslo. If this doesn't tell you anything – don't worry, finding Oslo Spektrum won't be too hard. You can use use this Google Maps link to get directions from your current location to Oslo Spektrum, or use the travel planner with Oslo Spektrum as your destination for public transport. Oh, and if you're completely lost, don't be afraid to ask! Most norwegians are quite friendly.

Where do I stay?

There's plenty of hotels in the area surrounding the conference center. Searching for hotels close to "Oslo Central Station" is a good tip, and should give you a few alternatives to choose from.

Food and drinks

Learning makes you hungry, and we are of course well aware of this. This is why we have a constant stream of food throughout the whole day, prepared by professional chefs from The Flying Culinary Circus. Believe us, if there is one thing you will not be missing at JavaZone, it is food.

I don't speak norwegian…

Don't worry! About 60% of the talks are held in english, and the spoken language is specified in the program. So even if you don't "snakker norsk", you should still get plenty of learning out of the conference.

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Day after day, hour after hour!

What will the days at JavaZone be like? Well, there will of course be a lot of presentations, lightning talks and workshops, but there will be other things as well. Have a look below!
See the program for more details about the talks.

Tuesday – workshop day

First batch of workshops begin. These workshops are free, but have limited seating. Included in the price of your ticket as a bonus.
Second batch of workshops begin
Pick up your badge and skip the line next day!

Wednesday - first conference day

The doors opens
Get your badge, get your coffee, start your day!
Morning show
We'll wake you up if the coffee hasn't done the trick.
You definitely don't want to miss out on this!
Let's learn something
Presentations, lightning talks and workshops starts
The food serving starts
We told you we have great food. All day!
Get ready to eat a lot!
The presentations end
…but the afterparty is just getting started. Cheers!

Thursday – second conference day

The doors open
Get ready for day two. Lot's of good talks today as well!
Presentations and lightning talks
The second day of presentations and lightning talks
The food serving starts
Nope, we're not out of food just yet!
The last presentations end
The last presentations end, and JavaZone 2015 is officially over. Time to go home and get some rest!

The JavaZone program

90 full presentations, 65 lightning talks and 12 workshops. In total, there will be almost 200 speakers ready to give you a lot of inspiration and plenty of new knowledge. Check out our full program to see all the details, and start to plan your conference days now.

See the full program

The different formats

JavaZone has a few different presentation formats – full presentations, lightning talks and workshops. This means that you should have something nice to attend both when you just want a little teaser, and when you're in for the full package.

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    Lightning talks
    (10 minutes)

    Lightning talks are at most 10 minutes long, and often try to give a quick introduction to a concept. This is a great way to get a sneak peek at something new.

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    (60 minutes)

    Presentations at JavaZone have a length of 60 minutes, and should therefore give you a deeper understanding of a concept than lightning talks.

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    (2, 4 or 8 hours)

    Full-blown learning session. This is where you go to get down and dirty with code. We'll have both full day workshops and shorter
    4-hour and 2-hour sessions.

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A brand new afterparty in Oslo Spektrum!

This year we are experimenting with our formula, and have a brand new afterparty concept in store for you. First of all, we're moving the party to Oslo Spektrum – bigger and better than ever! In cooperation with all our partners we'll make sure this will be the best IT-party you've ever been to.

After the first day of talks, we'll transform Room 1 to a cool concert hall. The expo area will also have plenty of space for mingling – the era of the crowded roof terrace is over! 2.500 happy people, quality music, food and drinks, plenty of opportunities to mingle and catch up with old friends. What's not to like?

What will I be listening to?

Rumor has it that these guys will show up sometime during the evening!

  • Sondre Justad

  • Datarock

  • Kvelertak

Thanks to all our partners!

We would not be able to create JavaZone without the help of all our amazing partners!
Be sure to give them a visit in the expo area.

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